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What is Electroforming

What is Electroforming?

Simply put; electroforming is a highly specialized process using electricity attract and attach metal to another object. I take recycled scrap copper pipes, pieces, sheets, or wire and electrify it in an acid bath. I then place the piece of jewelry that I wish to have coated and the copper metal molecules are attracted to it and it begins to form a layer of metal over the jewelry. Because of this process, electroformed copper metal on the jewelry is extremely pure.

With the use of conductive paint, I am able to turn non-conductive items (such as shells, leaves, wood, or even bugs) into conductive items which can then be coated in copper. 

The process of electroforming can take 8 - 48 hours to plate depending on the desired thickness. It so slow, that you normally can't even see the change happened unless you took a time-lapse video and watched it sped up.