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Free Tealight with Every Order!


Want Some Free Promotion?

Do You Sell:

  • Bath & Body Items
  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Candies / Snacks
  • Or other small items that can be given as free samples?

No jewelry please.

Im always looking for small business owners who would like some free advertising space inside my packages. I ship out roughly 100 packages per month, and within these packages I like to offer my buyers a little treat.

Your small samples are given to my customers with your shop name and shop url on it (some vendors also give my customers a special coupon code to use so they can track orders that arrive due to my promotion). This is free promotion for you to my customers. I will also promote you on my Instagram account to 27,600 followers currently.

My one main criteria is SIZE! Yes, size matters. (Although I love promoting shops, I also can't afford to PAY for extra shipping to ship your items - I hope you understand.) lf you feel that you have a small sample that my customers would love to try, please contact me and lets chat. (a good size reference is something that's the size of a tea light candle or a 1oz jar)

Past donators have found an increase in sales when they advertised with me. Many shops offer my customers special coupon codes so they can track what sales arrive because they advertised with me. 

To be considered, please give me some details about the sample you can provide and a little info about you and your company. 

I would prefer to have sample quantities exceed 10 pieces. You are free to send up to as many as you would like at one time, I will continue to provide these samples in every order that I ship out until I run out.

Here is an example of two samples that WORK. These are small enough to be included in my packages that I ship out to customers. (Thank you to Moriah and Scrub Away The Day LLC)

Here is a currently package being shipped with Urbane Soap & Co sample soaps.

Please email me at: