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What Do You Do With Crystals?

by Sara Lombard October 10, 2016

What Do You Do With Crystals?

Everyone is different, and using crystals will be different for everyone. Find the way that best suits you and feels right to you. 

One way is to hold your crystal and tell it what you would like it to do for you. For example, if you have just purchased a new piece of amethyst, you would hold this in your hands, clothes your eyes, and tell it to bring you peace. 

Another way is to wear the crystal. This is why purchasing healing jewelry is beneficial. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but its healing properties can be carried along with you all day long while wearing it.

You can place crystals on your body. Doing this with the assistance of a crystal healer is beneficial to the body. Crystal therapists use crystals to help or promote certain things, but they also use chakra systems as points on the body in which to lay the crystals. If you are suffering from a headache a therapist may put a crystal that alleviates tension on or around your forehead. It is possible to do these things to yourself, just educate yourself on which crystals would be helpful to you.

Meditation is another way you can use crystals. If you practice meditation normally, incorporate crystals into your session. Focus on the properties of the stones you are working with and feel their energies.


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Sara Lombard
Sara Lombard


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