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Pick A Crystal, What Does It Reveal About You?

by Sara Lombard March 22, 2017 3 Comments

Pick A Crystal, What Does It Reveal About You?

Look at the crystals in the picture, which one do you feel most drawn toward? Choose the one you feel the most attraction to, not just based on your favorite color, but instinct! Below is an explanation of the crystals and what your choice reveals about you.

1. Blue Howlite

If you chose crystal number one, you may need to work on your communication skills. Do you need to speak up more often? Are you being open and clear about your feelings with yourself and the people around you? Are you really listening to and understanding others?

This stone is representative of the throat chakra, which includes the ears as well, meaning it refers to all forms of communication. If you currently have physical issues with the throat, such as soreness or discomfort, it’s likely you’re either holding back from saying something that should be said, or you may need to be more diplomatic when you do speak. Are you not saying something in order to avoid confrontation? Or perhaps you lose your temper and speak with anger too often? Now is the time to address the emotional causes behind your throat issue.

If the problem is with your ears, it could mean that you’ve stopped listening, or that there’s something you need to hear that has gone unnoticed. Only you can say what the reason is behind this physical ailment. Children often have issues with their ears because they have a difficult time hearing the word ‘no’, or they’re tired of listening to the adults in their life fight.

This Howlite crystal has been dyed blue, so it could also represent a feeling of inauthenticity. Are you not being true to yourself? Maybe you’re hiding behind a facade, not letting your real self show through to others? We are all unique individuals, there isn’t anyone on this Earth who is just like you, so maybe it’s time to let your true, wonderful self be known.


2. Green Aventurine

If crystal number two was your choice, you are in need of balance, rest, invigoration or much love. You need some true harmony in your life. Green is the heart chakra, which is central to all the other chakras. So this chakra has to do with the heart, balance, harmony, healing and love.

Have you ever felt truly at peace while walking through nature? When we spend time in nature amongst the beautiful green plants and trees, our heart chakra is naturally balanced and we are in harmony.

If you chose this crystal, you are lacking balance, and you need to find your peaceful center. Has this chakra been closed off due to past injuries? You may save yourself a little pain by closing the heart chakra, but it also makes you unable to receive love or make deep connections with people. You may struggle making new friends. The heart chakra also represents love of self, so perhaps it’s time to start really caring for yourself and appreciating all the great things about you. Spend some time and effort nurturing yourself and fulfilling your needs, a little self care can go a long way!

Hospitals often paint their walls a shade of green, because this color is instrumental in healing and growth. You may be long overdue for some real healing. Any problems having to do with the heart or lungs indicate a need for tender love and care, so be gentle with yourself, and know that you are worthy and deserving of all the good things life has to offer.


3. Citrine

If crystal number three was your choice, your issues revolve around the Solar Plexus chakra. This chakra has everything to do with our power and control, it is where our will sits. Maybe you’ve allowed others to control your life up to this point. Perhaps you have given away too much of your power?

You may be too dependent upon others or feel unable to make your own decisions without their approval. You need to focus on what you want for yourself out of life. What do you want to create? What do you want your legacy to be? You need to take the reigns back and claim the power you have over your own reality.

Set goals that are personal to you and use meditation and visualization to help achieve them. Don’t be afraid to dream big, and know that you are strong and capable of going after what you want.

This crystal also represents abundance and fulfillment. Perhaps finances have been lacking, or maybe you’ve been going without because you don’t feel like you deserve abundance in your life. You are as worthy as any other person and you deserve comfort and abundance just as much, so don’t resist the flow!



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Sara Lombard
Sara Lombard


3 Responses

Barbara A. Birch
Barbara A. Birch

September 22, 2018

I have had crystals in my life for years. I really would like to increase my knowledge of these wonderful stones and eventually become an investor. Is there any advice you can hive me to become affiliated with people just lkke me who have a deep interest, and intuitive

Barbara A. Birch
Barbara A. Birch

September 22, 2018

I have had crystals in my life for years. I really would like to increase my knowledge of these wonderful stones and eventually become an investor. Is there any advice you can hive me to become affiliated with people just lkke me who have a deep interest, and intuitive


July 08, 2018

Thank you so much for giving out some advice to electroform, I have a complete silver soldering out and I think many of those tools will become very useful but I’ve found that not only it’s it really expensive to get started , and no matter how may online class’s I’ve taken and how much I truly understand it all my heart is still drawn to electroform rings and pendants . In your crystal question abouve I already knew instantly that I’m drawn to citrine “the merchant stone” which when wearing my citrine pendant I’m very motivated creatively and don’t get the artists version of writers block.. I know my stones fairly well after working with only gemstones for 9 years, but I’m still trying to find out other things out like can I really make my own conductive paint with black acrylic and a power to mix together ? Can I use clear nail polish to protect stone under the hardness scale of 7? If steel or silver is covered with conductive paint will it ruin the process ? And what is the blue fluid we’re setting the pieces in called ? When you say patina? Do you mean like to oxidize the copper the polish with a dremel to take if off at the high points to show the depth ? Or is blue or green patina something totally different ? Sorry so many questions but I just received 4 custom orders for my hand woven gemstone wrap bracelets , gemstone earrings, necklaces and pendants made with crystal chips inside a resin etc and I’m a busy stay at
home mom so I’m scraping together all I can to makeshio most of my metal smithing shop onto my electroforming lab lol. And I’ve been watching tutorials and everyone seems to do it all differently, like to use wooded clothes pins to clip the rings gemstone side up to dry . There’s also some solution to dip or paint onto the copper piece when done so that it won’t turn anyone green . I know out PH levels are all different but I too turn green with copper. I’ve found the best copper cleaner around the house is ketchup .. but I don’t want my pieces to come out like shiny rose goldish copper so I would MAYYBE use that just on the band if it’s a plain large jump ring type band. I prefer to hand hammer then and make them as unique as possible .. ok so what’s the blue fluid called ? Do i pickle these when done ? Rinse with water ? Anything besides let them dry ? And how to I add embellishments to a pendant? Solder it after its electroformed ? And if so can I replace it in the solution for a few hours again so it looks like what I added belongs ? I’m so sorry so many questions .. there’s no classes in my area . But I have everything I need except the 10watt, and I’ve hear 10gauge electricians rolls of copper wire is great to hammer flat for a ring and much cheaper , my fav part besides the organic look of these is how with conductive paint they almost bexelnset themselves . And making my own bezels is early impossible when your almost there’s and god forbid dust gets on your piece and the solder just won’t flow.. or my son needs something and I have to drop what I’m doing and get him well taken care of . How extensive is your book? If it answers all my questions then count me in .. I can’t hand weave one more gemstone/crystal and so may look gorgeous wSLIME

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