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Income Report 2015

by Sara Lombard July 01, 2016

Income Report 2015

Many of you are here because you have interest in creating you own online jewelry business. Many of you don't know if its worth your time and investment. Others are so ready to do it but don't know where to begin or how to get ahead.   Im sharing last years income report with you to share that IT IS POSSIBLE, and with the tips and suggestions here in this blog, you too can create your own business generating you real income.



New Shop Opened: December 2015
December 2014: $180



January $2,352
February $1440
March $1544
April $2216
May $2311
June $2375
July $1670
August $1896
September $2036
October $2412
November $3652
December $2087

Total Year Sales: $25,991

These numbers are SALES, this is not my profit.
This doesn't include self employment tax, insurance, utilities, supplies, web hosting, etc.



To see the breakdown of what I earned and how I did it - Click Here

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Sara Lombard
Sara Lombard


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