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How to Start an Online Jewelry Business - [MY INCOME REPORT] - Tips, Tricks, and What Worked For Me

by Sara Lombard August 22, 2016 3 Comments

How to Start an Online Jewelry Business - [MY INCOME REPORT] - Tips, Tricks, and What Worked For Me

If someone else is doing what you want to do, then YOU can do it too! If you want to own your own jewelry shop, but feel like you can't - Think AGAIN! 
Use that envy and doubt as motivation.

(starting off)

Once I decided I wanted to have my own shop - I just went ahead and DID IT and haven't looked back since. If you want something, just take action.

I started off with $100 in supplies and some borrowed tools and got going in a little under a month. To my surprise - in my first month of business I was already generating enough income to keep my business going.

I decided to make electroformed jewelry and had to teach myself how to make it because at the time there wasn't much information online. It's still quite confusing but I decided to write an e-book that I WISH I had when I was starting out!

To get a copy click here: How to Electroform Jewelry

Having a social presence is very important, the first day of business I opened up an Instagram account to share my jewelry and some behind the scenes shots of what I was up to. I really feel that Instagram is what helped my business grow. So learning everything you can about it is VERY important if you wish to get ahead and start selling. We will talk about this more later.

(how my business began) 

I started on Etsy, the main reason I did this was because I started off with nothing. I had no following, nobody knew me, and my Instagram account only had about 10 followers. I knew that I needed some help in getting attention to my products. Etsy provides a great way to get in direct contact with the people who are already searching for the type of items you sell.

If you are brand new, I would suggest the same for now until you have a better following and are getting consistent sales.

(my shop is opened)

  • I started December 1st 2014 on Etsy
  • My first sale was on Dec 4th to a friend of mine, she saw my budding business and wanted to support me on my new endeavor. 
  • My first real order was 5 days later to a stranger. So in only 9 days I was already selling my products and this being the start of Copper Drift!

I ended the month of December with 8 sales totaling $180

January I had 51 orders and sold $2,352 worth of product!
Incredible! I was really rolling and could see that Copper Drift was going to be successful. Now this income doesn't include deductions such as self-employment tax, health insurance, supplies, materials, utilities...etc.  

February brought in slightly less at $1440.

This is when I decided - I'm making great money and I need to stop sharing it with Etsy!!

I moved to Shopify and kept my Etsy shop open until the items sold out.

March = ETSY $482 / SHOPIFY: $1062 
Total: $1544

April - ETSY $215 / SHOPIFY: $2001
Total: $2216

May - ETSY $30 / SHOPIFY: $2281
Total: $2311

 At this point, my Etsy shop sold out so I stopped using it completely. I kept it active but directed people to my new website.

June I decided maybe I was spending too much money with Shopify and decided to switch to Storenvy which was only $5 instead of $29 a month. (THIS WAS A MISTAKE!)

June - Shopify $541 / Storenvy $1834
Total: $2375

July - Storenvy $1670

Aug - Storenvy $1896

Sept - Storenvy $2036

Oct - Storenvy $2412

Nov - Storenvy $3652

Dec - Storenvy $2087

 So that wrapped up 2015!

After this, I decided to come back to Shopify and continue on with my business pushing full steam ahead! So far 2016 is shaping up to be a great year and I'm very pleased that I'm back with Shopify!

If you would like to learn more about How to Create your Own Business, or how to get started with Shopify....
CLICK HERE: Business Tips


(click the image to read more)
So for the year I wrapped up with $26,000 in SALES.
Again remember, this isn't what I made, it's just what I did in sales. I still had to pay for packing supplies, materials, rent, utilities, taxes, insurance....etc (which means $$$$)


 So as you can see, I jumped in HEAD FIRST and made money my first month of business and kept making from there on out.

It's all about how hard you push yourself!

Please comment below and let me know about your business, what you need help with, what you're doing that has worked. Lets talk!




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Sara Lombard
Sara Lombard


3 Responses


August 22, 2016

Great article! I’ve been doing this for a few months and maybe sell one or two items a month. Your success is inspiring! Maybe you could do a post on how to make sales???


August 22, 2016

Great post, thank you for sharing your experiences! I’m curious to hear about your experience with Instagram vs Facebook. I know a lot of fellow jewelry designers attribute a lot of their success to IG. I love the ease of use but find people are much less “active” (ie prone to purchase) on IG than in FB.


August 22, 2016

Awesome post! It’s great to see that you are encouraging people to follow their dreams! I myself am in the pre-planning stages of starting a business, I have a degree in advertising and marketing so I have a pretty good idea of what it takes to successfully market your business but I have no idea of how to price my product. I would love to see a post of how to price products and maybe a short post about shipping! Thanks for all of the tips!

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