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How Much Does it Cost To Start Electroforming?

by Sara Lombard July 06, 2016

How Much Does it Cost To Start Electroforming?

Everyone's biggest question to me has been HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO START!?

Here's the beauty, you can start small or you can go big. You can use things you have at home to take the place of things that you could purchase. You can also buy things a little bit at a time as you get the money. 
I will give you a simple run down on the costs you can expect to pay when starting.
This method of building your own setup is FAR CHEAPER than buying a premade kit from a company like Rio ($495!!!!)

$45 - $100


$0 - $100

I get my copper tube from scrap yards, from people who have extra wire from projects around the house, or I buy it at the Hardware store. This is really a place where the price can vary greatly. It all depends on where you buy your metals from.


I'm able to use ONE 1oz jar for just about a year. I've made hundreds of pieces of jewelry with this one jar.

$0 - $50

You can use a simple Tupperware container or glass container you already have around your house - this makes it FREE! Or you can go out and buy tanks, containers, or designated electroforming beakers - in my opinion, a complete waste of money.

$20 / $15

I have used the same solution for just about a year - so think of how inexpensive it is to run an entire tank for one year, on $20! Now the amount of solution you will need will depend on how big of a tank you run. If you start small, $20 should get you quite far.
Additive drops are necessary to keep your solution conditioned - again, I've purchased one bottle and it still more than half full.

$0 - $100's

Yet again, another variable. You could have your own crystals, get free crystals, or have people donate things to you. This area is totally up to you as to how much you want to spend.

So as you can see, at the bare minimum, you could be spending $100 with my tutorial. 


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