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How To Earn a Part-Time Income Making Jewelry

by Sara Lombard June 30, 2016

How To Earn a Part-Time Income Making Jewelry

Did you know that right now, today, you can begin your journey to creating your OWN online business making and selling jewelry. 
You too could be earning a Part-Time income, staying at home, working for yourself!

Right now is the best time to get yourself started.
"Why?" you may ask...

Well, I'll tell you:
Summer time is normally slow for sellers, this is because most people are out enjoying the sun, going on vacations, and not sitting at home on the computer. Starting a business now allows you to build up your inventory, get your brand noticed, and start a website and online presence so that when those Holiday Shoppers are ready so are you!
Fall/Winter (because of Christmas and other winter holidays depending on what you celebrate) always is the hottest time of the year to sell whatever it is you make. 

Electroforming Jewelry!

Right now, electroformed jewelry is the hottest trend in jewelry. Pairing raw crystals with what looks like liquid copper is what everyone is itching to purchase. I will teach you, very easily, how to create your OWN electroformed jewelry that you can resell. 
I've created a full time job making and selling my electroformed jewelry — and now I'll share what I know with you!

Are you ready?
Learn How to Electroform Jewelry



I'll tell you! 


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Sara Lombard
Sara Lombard


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