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How to Select Crystals for Yourself

by Sara Lombard April 07, 2016

How to Select Crystals for Yourself

tips for selecting healing crystals for yourself
(photo by energy muse)


 These are listed from easiest to the ones that take some more time. 


What Grabs Your Eye -- Your intuition will guide you to the right stone.

Pick In Terms of Color -- If you are in need of something specific and don't know what all the stones mean — deciding by color is an easy way. Here are some general points to remember. (click on a color name to see what I have available)

  • White – purity, cleansing, charges/cleanses other stones, healing
  • Black – protection, absorbs negative energy, psychic, reveals hidden power
  • Yellow/Orange – financial, abundance. More Orange? Sexual Energy.
  • Red – Protection (as in Jasper), Earth and Fire Energy
  • Pink – heart, love, Healer of the Heart
  • Blue – Soothing, Stress reliever, Healer of the Mind
  • Purple – third eye, intuitive, psychic
  • Green – luck, abundance, fertility, often related to money concerns

Pick In Terms of Meaning -- If you have some time, you can use my list of stone meanings to help pick a stone for the needs you have. View the list HERE.




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Sara Lombard
Sara Lombard


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