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Crystal Meanings & Healing Properties - With Direct Link To Where Crystals Can Be Bought

by Sara Lombard January 06, 2016

Crystal Meanings & Healing Properties - With Direct Link To Where Crystals Can Be Bought

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Agate- Protection, Strength, Harmony
Amethyst- Peace, Psychic, Sobriety, Stability
Apophyllite- Meditation Aid, Connect with Spiritual World, Clairvoyance
Angel Aura Quartz - Aura Protection, Kundalini, Angelic Communication
Aqua Aura - Increase Psychic Awareness, Increase Conscious Awareness
Aquamarine- Courage, Peace, Communication
Aventurine- Success, Prosperity, Mental Clarity 
Calcite - Amplifies Energy, Reduce Fear, Reduce Stress
Carnelian- Creativity, Individuality, Courage
Celestite(Celestine) - Angelic Guidance, End Worry & Anxiety
Chrysocolla(Chrysacolla) - Harmony, Remove Negativity 
Citrine- Success, Abundance, Mental Clarity
Cluster Crystals - Harmonious environment, Energize Stones
Copper- Energy, Wit, Arthritis Relief
Coral- Reconnect with Nature, Love, Prosperity
Dolomite- Insomnia, Stabilizes Human & Mineral Energies, Generosity
Druzy Crystal - Joy, Light, Ritual
Double Terminated Crystal  - Move energy easily in two ways
Fluorite - Spiritual Wholeness, Peace, Organization
Fossils- Business Accomplishments, Excellence
Garnet- Romance, Love, Self-Confidence
Glass- Fire, Air, Earth, Water Elements Combined, Transformation, Rebirth, Focus
Hematite- Mental Organization, Stability, Grounding, Calming
Heulandite- Mystical Ancient Knowledge
Howlite- Decrease Stress, Lower Pain
Iolite- Psychic Healing, Curiosity, Sobriety
Jade- Love, Fidelity, Generosity, Abundance, PTSD
Jasper- Nurturing, Protection, Relaxation
Kunzite- Stress, Broken Hearts
Kyanite- Loyalty, Chakra Balance, Reduce Anger
Labradorite (Spectrolite) - Magic, Psychic Protection, Stress Reduction
Lapis Lazuli - Truthfulness, Inner Power, Organization
Lemurian Seed Crystal - Love, meditation, healing
Lepidolite- Emotional Balance, Acceptance, Calm 
Moonstone- Sensitivity, Intuition, Protection, Obesity
Mother of Pearl - Prosperity, Intuition, Transmute Negativity
Obsidian- Protection, Grounding, Remove Negativity, Infections
Onyx- Root Chakra, Protection, Assists with Challenges, Stabilizing
Opal- Inspiration, Imagination, Creativity
Peridot- Heart Chakra, Balance, Compassion
Prehnite- Strengthen Life Force, Increase Energy, Spirit Communication
Pyrite- Healer's Gold, Protection
Quartz- Power, Protection, Harmony, Balance and Energy
Rutilated Quartz  - Self-Reliance, Diminish Fears, Mystical Crystal Diagnostics
Smoky Quartz - Centering, Good Luck, Protection
Ruby- Happiness, Prosperity, Integrity, Devotion
Ruby in Zoisite - Energy Amplification, Psychic, Heart
Selenite- Mental Clarity, Decision making, Angels
Tigers Eye - Protection, Grounding, Integrity
Titanium Aura Quartz (Flame Aura) - Astral Journeys, Remove Blockages, Psychic
Tourmaline- Happiness, Compassion, Channeling
Unakite- Find Animal Guide, Heal Abandonment, Weight Loss, Gardening
Zeolites - Remove Toxins, Remove Negative Energy




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