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List of Birthstones with Healing Properties & Meanings

by Sara Lombard January 06, 2016

List of Birthstones with Healing Properties & Meanings

Are you looking for a gift idea? Get that special someone a piece of handcrafted jewelry with their own months birthstone. Here's a list to help you out.
January - Garnetwhich is a red colored stone having properties and attributes such as faith, love and courage. May be used for building energy levels, or for protecting the heart and lungs. People who have a weak self-image can benefit by wearing Garnet as it is known to increase self worth and evoke romance.
February - Amethyst - PurpleAmethyst is symbolic of protection and its purple color meaning includes protection against drunkenness, arthritis and general ill health.
March - Aquamarine - creativity, hope, self expression and courage. Increase love, youth, good health and overall happiness by wearing pale aquamarine gemstone.
April - Diamond - symbolizes romance, eternal love, and courage. It's known to ward off insanity.
MayEmerald which is green in color. The meaning is health, faithfulness, fertility and wealth. Traditionally, this stone is also known to have magical properties that can keep illness at bay.
June - Pearls / Moonstones - Help calm nervous and anxious thoughts. These cool milky birthstones are also known to indicate modesty and chastity.
July - RubyLike Garnet, the birthstone of January, rubies represent courage and strength of the wearer. Additionally, this birthstone can bring about good luck and good friends. One of the many properties of this birthstone includes supporting the emotional state of the wearer.
August - Peridot - The greenish/yellowish stone color helps heal stress and reduces anger. In olden days, people wore this stone to ward off evil, negativity and black magic.
September - SapphireThe birthstone indicates purity, wisdom, faith, loyalty and serenity. Blue sapphire can also reduce pain.
OctoberOpal and Tourmaline. Both can provide healing and restoring properties and are associated with meanings like hope, innocence and creativity.
November - Yellow Topaz or Citrine. Citrine is called the ‘stone of the mind’ as it can help with intellect and remove negativity. Both Topaz and Citrine are known to help the mind and body and also protect the wearer from negative people.
DecemberTanzanite, Blue Topaz or Turquoise. Topaz, in particular, must be worn to boost good health and prevent headaches. All three stones are associated with healing properties. Tradition also shows that astrologers often prescribed Turquoise for providing an indication that the wearer was ill or in danger as the stone actually changed color under such circumstances.


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