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Electroforming Supplies List

by Sara Lombard August 01, 2016

Electroforming Supplies List

If you are a beginning in electroforming or looking for some great products for your craft, I've compiled a list of places I frequent to pick up supplies and tools.

If you want to learn HOW TO ELECTROFORM - I've written an eBook that gives you all the supplies necessary (for roughly under $200) and step by step instructions with photos. Once you get all your supplies together you'll have your first piece made in a day with my book.



I'll tell you! 

 - Electroforming Machines - 

The bigger the amp the larger the tank you will be able to electrify, which then allows you to plate multiple pieces at once. If you plan to make a business out of electroforming my best suggestion is to invest in a larger machine so that you don't have to upgrade in the future when you find it to be too weak for what you need.

3 amp electroforming machine for $49.99 w/Free Shipping!

5 amp electroforming machine for $79.95 w/Free Shipping!

And if you really want to go crazy and make some LARGE items here's a 10 amp electroforming machine (this one has free shipping too!), but its price is not too far off a 5amp, so if you have a little more money to spend this will allow you to plate anything you want in the future.


- Aligator Clips - 

Get ready to buy a lot of these in the future, what happens while plating is the acid solution begins to creep its way up your anode wire to your alligator clips. They will eventually rust and fall apart. You will be replacing these often, so what Ive done is for $13 (with free shipping - I LOVE that!) You can get 100 of them to just store for when they need to be fixed. Here's the ones I bought.


- Copper Anodes -


This one is $18.29 with free shipping for a little OVER A POUND of copper.
Find the thickest bar of copper you can, why play games with those thinly wrapped coils in jars, do you know how much of a pain in the butt that is? UGH! I don't know why people still use that method. Use one big thick copper bar that you can attach your alligator clip to (attached outside the liquid - so make sure the bar is tall enough to reach above the tank liquid level)


 - 2 Part Epoxy Clay -


This 2 part clay is always in my studio. I have found this to be perfect for creating a connection between crystals before plating/forming.  I tend to buy the 1lb jar because this way its always fresh. I had old 2-part clay lying around and let me tell you, I got a few customers saying their pieces had come apart, now I know that the old clay was probably the issue. 

- Patina -


This is Liver of Sulfur and will give you a blackened finish, but then you can always buff it gently to reveal copper on high spots. Use these simple (and cheap) Brass Brushes to buff up your copper.


There's also colored Patinas. Here's a green one and a blue one.



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Sara Lombard


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