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How to Create a Shopify Store

by Sara Lombard June 05, 2016 1 Comment

How to Create a Shopify Store

Learn how to start your own online store with Shopify.

Shopify gives you a whole collection of free templates to start your shop with. My website is actually run with a free template. So as you can see, you can have a great looking site without having to know about coding or html.


Even though it's a pre-made template, Shopify allows you to edit specific parts of your shop to customize it and make it your own. Its rather easy to navigate around and pick how you want your store to look.

The most common features will include:

  • uploading logos
  • uploading slides to a homepage carousel
  • what will appear on the home page
  • color schemes
  • font choices
  • and more.


 Then you will begin to add your products, which again is super easy. If you're familiar with Etsy or eBay you can expect to see the same sort of options such as:

  • title
  • description
  • type of item
  • price
  • quantity
  • photo


Shopify has "collections," which are groups that will have a particular item under it. Such as my website having NECKLACES and under that are all the necklaces I currently have for sale. It's a great way to categorize your shop so its easier for people to shop. Now depending on what you sell you may want to use collections differently. Maybe you want to use size, or color, or shape. 

Select the payment options you want to accept, I do major credit cards through Stripe and also accept Paypal.

Set up your Shipping prices, which again, is very similar to Etsy's style.

You can set up your shop to collect taxes.

Then once you're all set up and ready to go, make your shop live! Really its probably possible to get up in running in a weekend. If you spend one day getting the look of the site ready and setting up all the background stuff (tax, shipping, business info, contact info...etc) and then spend the second day listing your inventory.


And to sweeten the deal, Shopify has an incredible support team!



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Sara Lombard
Sara Lombard


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