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Why Blogging is the Best!

by Sara Lombard June 05, 2016

Why Blogging is the Best!

Did you know Search Engines LOVE Blog posts?

Content on your website becomes old and stale and Google doesn't like looking at it, that's why blogging new content all the time creates interest for Google. Top that off with blogging about your newest creations and you've just opened up a world of new traffic to your online shop. (Do you have an online shop? NO? What are you waiting for: I'll teach you how to open up your own shop and get selling online)

Other Ideas.

Not only can you blog about your newest items, but you can also blog about what you know. You can educate people about what your good at, everyone loves to learn especially from someone who has credibility.

So, what are you good at? I make electroformed jewelry and have written an eBook to educate other on how they can create their own jewelry themselves at home! I intend to share other things that I have knowledge about, including creating your own business (oh wait, that's what Im doing right now).

Share It!

Any blog post you write you must share it with various places to spread it around. Share it on Pinterest and if you're lucky the topic will interest others to repin it. Don't forget Facebook, one well written blog post can go viral on Facebook drawing in lots of fresh eyeballs to your blog and ultimately your shop. Twitter is also a great quick location to throw out a link to direct people to your latest article. 




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Sara Lombard
Sara Lombard


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