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Getting a Domain Name & Opening A Shop

by Sara Lombard June 05, 2016

Getting a Domain Name & Opening A Shop

After deciding what you want to sell, its time to get a domain name and shop.



I suggest Shopify. I was on Etsy, the fees became really high, I realized I was giving them a lot of my profits. I moved to Storenvy because they were free, but found that "I got what I paid for" -- with lots of errors, lost orders, and just general confusion and mess-ups, I realized it was better for me to use a trusted website even if it meant paying $29 per month. It's been the best investment for my business to grow to where it is today. Sign Up Here.



I purchased my domain name from GoDaddy - I've been pleased with what they have to offer and theres a lot of help out there incase you run into any problems. Their prices are also very reasonable.


Next you will want to get an Email List started for your first few customers.



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Sara Lombard
Sara Lombard


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