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How to Create Your Own Online Business

by Sara Lombard June 05, 2016

How to Create Your Own Online Business

Are you an Etsy user?

Do you create things and want to start earning an income from it?

Need another job to help pay for bills or save up for something you really want like a car, a vacation, or even a home?


Creating your own business is such a rewarding and satisfying career, it's not easy, but with hard work and constant dedication you too can be earning a side income.


I used to be an Etsy user, that's where I started. Actually, thats a lie - I first started with online auction sites, mostly selling on eBay. I would resell my clothes and any items that I could manage to part with. Sometimes I made good money, other times it was just a learning experience. I have since moved away from those sites and have begun my own website where I have complete control over how its run. I still use a host to help me organize the items I sell, who made a purchase, and all the other bells and whistles that Shopify provides me for a small fee a month. 


Deciding What To Sell.

Has got to be just about the hardest part about getting started. I sold so many things in these last few years. I started with clothes as I mentioned above, then I sold handmade jewelry, decided to move past jewelry and I sold jewelry supplies. That ended up being a lot of photography and lots of bead counting. I soon grew tired of that shop and created a vintage store, buying and reselling pieces that I enjoyed - my shop had a theme and I was able to sell to a nitch market and did quite well. (Its still active, but I sell at a much slower rate because I don't dedicate much time to it) The problem with that business was that I was constantly driving to the post office with heavy packages or leaving big stacks of packages on my front steps for the postal employee to pick up and I felt terrible. I also made and sold soy candles, that was fun until the smells started to give me headaches. I did get a few wedding orders and even a wholesale order to Whole Foods Supermarket which was very exciting! I won't bore you with more, but let me just tell you, I sold anything and everything I could until I got to where I am today, Copper Drift!

I'll help share some tips and tricks from my experience of running my own businesses over the years. 


First things first, you need a place to sell your items.
Click here to learn more about getting a domain name and opening a website.


You can start a 14 day FREE trial  - Get your website set up - then pay for a domain and subscription after that. 


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Sara Lombard
Sara Lombard


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